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Located in the North American nation, Apply Board is that the liaison between student and college. Our mission is to counterpoint and diversify your field with extremely qualified students from all around the globe. Our success is measured by our students’ success in their education journey. We tend to perceive every student’s wants, we tend to take away their obstacles, and that we build finding out at their dream college a reality.

Our mission is formed attainable because of our team of consultants and our superb technology that matches students to their most fitted faculties and programs. Keep reading to find out a lot of regarding our current partners and the way we are able to facilitate and promote you too eager students across the world.

Abroad Council

Where do we send our students?

Abroad Council is partnered with a number of the best universities, colleges, language centers and high colleges across worldwide. Achieving associate degree education in worldwide. will open such a lot of doors for international students. Our partnerships area unit created to assist these students produces significant connections and bright futures.

How we will serve you?

we prevent west of time and effort. After we review every student’s application and making sure that every student is financially and academically qualified and complete after we send it to you.

We created our Platform as an online Service with our students and partners in mind. Our use of AI aligns the interests of our students and our partner colleges by matching every student with their best-suited program. The platform is intuitive, individualized and designed to assist everybody succeeds.

our world reach is intensive because of our bilingual team of consultants and our online presence. we’ve already recruited students from over a hundred plus countries and that we grasp that every student lends a singular perspective and contains a heap to supply your school’s network.

How can we promote you?

We recognize that our partner colleges square measure as numerous as our students. We tend to keep this in mind after we organize your school’s landing page on our website. Faculty pages provide quite simply a primary glimpse into what life we are going to be like attending your school. We tend to collect info on tuition, programs, location, extracurricular activities, and everything else required to make sure prospective student’s square measure totally ready to use and attend.

We don’t charge our students something for our services. The selling and promotions we provide you’re conjointly freed from charge. Instead, we tend to deem commission for every student that’s with success registered. This enables the North American nation to stay doing what we’re doing whereas a lot of and a lot of student-school connections square measure being created.