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Help Your Students Study Abroad

Give your students more options globally with access to over 1,200 schools. Simplify the application, acceptance, and arrival process through a single online platform.


Our Benefits

Access 1,200+ Schools

Featuring over 30,000 programs across all areas of study.

Find Programs Faster

Discover and apply your students to their programs of choice.

One Easy Application

Create one profile per student and apply to as many schools as they like.

A+ Customer Experience

A dedicated team that supports you and your students’ journey from application to arrival.

A Central Platform

Manage your students, their applications, and communications in one place.

Perks And Rewards

Earn generous commissions, bonuses, and discounts to support your growth.

How Abroad Council Works

Our artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform helps you find schools that meet your students' interests, apply to multiple programs that match their qualifications, and earn competitive commissions.

Join 4,000+ Global Abroad Council Recruitment Partners

Access to Quality Education

Partnerships with 1,200+ primary, secondary, and post-secondary educational institutions.