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Increase Your Global Presence and Diversify Your Campus

Abroad Council recruits qualified international students from 110+ countries.


Trusted By Leading Institutions

Attract the best students from around the world with Aboard Council.

Increase Student Diversity

Students can apply directly from 110+ countries.

Receive Quality Applications

You only receive qualified, complete applications.

Approved Recruiter Network

We partner with 4,000+ vetted and trained recruiters globally.

Document Verification

In-house verification of key documents, including IELTS.

Applicant Matching

Our platform ensures only eligible students apply to your programs.

Promotional Channels

Showcase your school on our platform, at events, and across social media.

Trusted By Leading Institutions

Join 1,200+ leading educational institutions who are already recruiting globally with Abroad Council.

The Benefits of Partnering with Aboard Council

Aboard Council makes recruiting international students easier.

Spend Less Time Vetting Applications

The Abroad Council Team reviews applications to ensure they are complete, and all required documents are included. This saves you time, while ensuring applications meet your admission requirements.

Increase Your Campus Diversity

Expand your international reach to students in 110+ countries, bringing new cultures and greater diversity to your campuses.

Attract Engaged Students

Students are matched to the right institution and program for them, and also have the freedom to search based on their interests.